我们的业务实践, products and services help bring prosperity and economic value to communities 世界各地的.


We operate with an unwavering commitment to integrity, 诚实, quality and mutual respect to provide economic value and sustain prosperity for our employees, 客户, partners and the communities where we work. We invest in the potential we see around us, 努力使之成为现实, long-term differences that improve quality of life.



We understand that the way we do business, conduct ourselves and approach procedures collectively uphold the integrity of the esball线上娱乐网址 and its employees. Throughout our global organization, we continually work to integrate integrity into all aspects of our business.


辛普劳行为准则 serves as a guide to help all of our employees operate with the highest level of 诚实 和完整性. This includes aspiring to a high standard of corporate governance, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and a commitment to business ethics throughout our global operations.



We comply with all laws and regulations in the communities and countries where we do business – including fair trade laws, environmental protocols and import/export regulations. 同样的, we expect nothing less from the partners we work with, requiring the same unwavering dedication to business ethics, 值, 和完整性.



Sustaining Agriculture Communities and 土地s

For us, prosperity means much more than the bottom line. We’re focused on prosperity for our employees in the field, partners on the farm and the agricultural communities 世界各地的 that contribute to feeding a growing population. We celebrate you all and join you in that effort.

Understand the Intersection of Climate and Economy in Idaho

esball线上娱乐网址 is a top sponsor of the Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment, a research project to study the economic impacts of climate change on agriculture, 牧场及土地用途, 森林, 基础设施, and other important aspects of Idaho’s economy. 我们的 headquarters office – and much of our company-owned farms and ranches – are nestled in Idaho. By understanding these impacts in Idaho, we can better help our growers and producers meet emerging economic challenges and capitalize on opportunities across our business footprint, 世界各地的.

Grow Better Potatoes for the Developing World

Simplot is the technology partner in a grant from the 美国 Agency for 国际 Development (USAID) to provide blight resistant potatoes to Indonesia and Bangladesh. 作为这项拨款的一部分, Simplot has developed both the Granola and Diamant varieties of potatoes using genes found in wild varieties of potatoes 世界各地的 that have late-blight disease resistance. Both countries are now planning confined field experiments. Since the bioengineered potatoes contain three separate blight-resistance genes, they are considered to offer the most robust protection of any potatoes available in the world to late blight disease, a fungus-like pathogen that leads to an estimated $6 billion in crop losses each year.


We care deeply about the health and safety of our employees, partners and communities.


We are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of its natural resources.