在Simplot, being good stewards of the land is more than the core of our business – it’s simply the right thing to do. Sustainable land use and conservation of natural resources are critical to meeting the global food needs for today's growing population and for future generations.

Our story begins with 土壤健康 and nutrient stewardship: caring for the lands that feed us. 作为一家以马铃薯生产为基础的公司, 我们不断努力寻找种植更好食物的新方法. 我们的土地是用于农业还是采矿, 我们在esball线上娱乐网址中加强填海和保育措施.



We commit to investing in 土壤健康 research and nutrient stewardship to help growers use fertilizer and water resources more efficiently.


Simplot支持并参与 4R营养管理计划. This program promotes best practices for minimizing nutrient loss in soil and aims to improve efficiencies while enhancing environmental protection and sustainability efforts. 这是一种鼓励使用正确肥料来源的方法, 以正确的速度, 在适当的时候, 而且是在正确的地方.

4Rs框架帮助我们在尊重资源的同时最大化生产. 例如, the Simplot Grandview Farm in Washington’s Columbia River Basin has shown that current nutrient applications are at least 15% more efficient than 10 years ago, 提高了产量和质量. 我们很自豪能被公认为 4 r倡导者


通过与其他esball线上娱乐网址领导者的合作,辛普劳帮助建立了一个 杰出的赋予椅子 华盛顿州立大学马铃薯种植系统的土壤健康研究. 这个职位将指导研究更健康, 为马铃薯生产提供了更肥沃的土壤, addressing the need for more understanding of how microorganisms and physical properties of the soil affect potato health, 质量和产量.

Simplot is also involved with the Potato Soil 健康 Project through a Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) grant with the University of Minnesota. The overall objectives of the project are to determine how best to measure 土壤健康 in potato cropping systems, 识别工具(覆盖作物, 土壤改良剂, 轮作计划),最好地提高土壤健康和块茎生产, 并将研究结果传达给马铃薯种植者.



我们不断努力通过农艺提高马铃薯的可持续性, 土壤健康, 以及各种研究和最佳实践的实施.


我们投资于马铃薯的研究和开发,以减少疾病, 提高产量, 减少农药, 提高安全性和提供更多的环境可持续性. 我们做到这一点的方法之一是通过我们的品种研发,包括 先天®技术. Innate potatoes provide significant sustainability advantages for the potato industry through enhanced traits such as reduced blackspot bruise, 这意味着更少的土豆被包装工拒绝, 加工者和消费者导致更少的浪费. 减少了黑斑擦伤缺陷, 可以用更少的资源来实现相同的产量, which means farmers generate fewer CO2 emissions while using less water and pesticides. 我们的传统品种研发也寻找最好的口感, 最高效和弹性马铃薯,我们的客户期望.


辛普劳是该组织的创始成员 PSA, which takes a full value-chain approach to sustainability in partnership with over 600 growers, 同时促进esball线上娱乐网址内的合作和创新. PSA实施农场可持续发展框架, which addresses sustainability issues that can be resolved by growers independently on the farm. PSA also develops a 可持续性 Assessment tool that measures greenhouse gas emissions, 灌溉效率, 水的质量, 土壤健康, 病虫害综合治理与农民繁荣.

根据PSA, “当你吃一个可持续发展的土豆, you are supporting a farmer and an entire community that embraces their commitment to care for the environment.”



作为一个垂直整合的公司, 辛普劳参与了食品生产的方方面面, from the mine that gives us phosphate ore used to produce fertilizer for our crops to the food on your dinner plate. 我们将继续投资这项研究, 土地恢复和复垦的技术和最佳做法.

集成并发 复垦

土地复垦与采矿过程同时进行:作为一个积极开采的地区, 原来的矿区重新开发. 以必要的缓解措施复垦雷区, salvaged topsoil and native plants aligns with our Simplot Core Value of Respect for Resources. We are determined to return our public lands to functioning 栖息地 as soon as possible for local wildlife and future recreational opportunities. 我们为esball线上娱乐网址的年度可持续发展报告提供信息: 挖掘要素:esball线上娱乐网址的基本营养物质.


At our Smoky Canyon mine, Simplot follows strict, site-specific approval requirements set by U.S. 联邦政府机构,如土地管理局和美国农业部.S. 林务局. 这些机构要求辛普劳在我们去的同时,回收矿区, 放置保护性土壤覆盖层和种植植被. We also mitigate land disturbance by enhancing 栖息地 areas in and around the mine site. 超出了这些基本的监管要求, Simplot conducts additional work to make sure that the soil and vegetation cover systems work to reclaim the land as planned, implementing detailed environmental surveys and a robust monitoring program during and after mining. This process helps address and reduce potential risks to important resources such as wildlife, 渔业, 栖息地, 地下水和地表水.


2017年,来自esball线上娱乐网址等机构得到了美国政府的批准.S. 林务局的最高荣誉-酋长荣誉奖. The award recognizes a five-year collaborative effort to restore the waterways and fish 栖息地s on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River in eastern Idaho. We’ve also worked to address impacts from historic mining practices and were recognized by the U.S. 林务局.




Our goal: Embrace innovations for improved, more sustainable beef and crop production.

美国合作伙伴.S. 可持续牛肉圆桌会议

辛普劳为自己是美国的一员而感到自豪.S. 可持续牛肉圆桌会议.


Simplot has several products that keep 土壤健康y and encourage the presence of pollinators. Simplot supplies seed for nutrient-restoring cover crops to help growers use less fertilizer while decreasing erosion and soil loss. Simplot’s pollinator blends have been used at wineries in southern California to pollinate local plants while encouraging customers and visitors to stay and enjoy the wildlife.

辛普劳是文物保护技术信息中心的成员。. The CTIC works with a tool called OpTIS (Operational Tillage Information System) that uses satellite imagery to survey conservation tillage and cover crop utilization. 这一信息使我们了解到覆盖作物在田间的使用情况.



作为 很酷的农场联盟, 我们赞美它的多重利益相关者, scientific approach to providing an industry platform for sustainable agriculture metrics and use. 通过提供一个通用平台, growers anywhere in the world can learn more about their part in the planet’s climate. 作为一家涉及农业和食品供应方方面面的公司, 辛普劳能够在最重要的地方采取行动. We joined the 很酷的农场联盟 to help quantify and focus those points of action over time.



We're pledging to reduce energy, carbon, water and waste across our production facilities worldwide.

我们的业务实践, products and services help bring economic value that sustains our agricultural communities and lands.