An unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees, 客户 and communities.

A Deep 提交ment to a Culture of 安全

在esball线上娱乐网址, 我们对人有激情, demonstrated in our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees, 客户, suppliers and communities in which we work. Simplot's dedication to fostering a safe and healthy workplace actively involves all employees across the globe.

We are continually guided by our Global 安全 Philosophy in proactively, constantly improving workplace safety.

The Simplot Global 安全 philosophy is the foundation of Simplot's safety culture, bringing all employees around the world under one safety value system. The philosophy reflects our company's commitment to supporting and promoting continuous improvement of safety processes, individual accountability and performance.

A 安全 and Security Framework Prepared to Meet Today's Challenges

C.A.R.E. is a comprehensive and evolving framework for the continual, proactive improvement of safety and security throughout the company and the communities it serves. 我们创建了C.A.R.E. 围绕着一套核心原则:

  • 提交 – Make the commitment to safety through demonstrated actions.
  • 评估 – Both physical workplace conditions and behaviors.
  • 识别 – To establish a positive safety culture.
  • 鼓励 – Safe behaviors through positive feedback and correct unsafe behaviors.

Through assessments, observations and safety messages, the C.A.R.E. process was constructed for continuous improvement, 管理责任, 和员工参与, creating and maintaining a positive safety culture at our facilities. C.A.R.E. process provides us a proactive measurement – not just accident data – to trend, evaluate risk and create action plans to prevent incidents from occurring.


C.A.R.E. has also increasingly focused on the role of security as a crucial element in employee safety.

Simplot's security efforts include conducting risk assessments, 识别漏洞, 遵循严格的指导方针, coordinating with local and federal authorities, and implementing proactive strategic planning. These measures help protect company employees and the community while keeping Simplot businesses operational and sustainable.

在这个视频中, 艾丽西亚公爵, Simplot's Senior Director of 健康, 安全 and Security explains why the well-being of Simplot employees is key to our success.



For more than a decade, Simplot employees from our locations around the western U.S. have participated in rescue competitions.

The rescue competition helps employee-responders sharpen their skills and tests their knowledge and ability to work as a team so they can do their best to keep employees safe in case an emergency arises. Each team also interacts with and learns from local fire departments, 国土安全部, various experts in rescue and response, 以及其他公共应急服务.



During the global coronavirus pandemic Simplot kept employees, contractors and our communities safe by developing and following consistent and comprehensive health and safety protocols. The Simplot “3+1 Guidelines for 健康 & “安全”包括戴口罩, 物理距离, heightened sanitation and stay-home protocols as recommended by the CDC or health authorities where our global operations are based. This diligent attention to protecting employees, their families and our communities has helped keep everyone as safe as possible during this unprecedented time.



We are committed to protecting our environment through the responsible management of its natural resources. 


我们的业务实践, products and services help bring economic value that sustains our agricultural communities and lands.