esball线上娱乐网址 and 植物科学 Inc. Forge Strategic Alliance on Gene Editing of Strawberries


Potential benefits for growers and consumers include less food waste and improved yields

爱达荷州的博伊西,10月. 2021年28日——esball线上娱乐网址 announced today it has entered a strategic alliance with 植物科学 Inc. (PSI), 一个除去, CA-based plant breeding company, to drive 新育种技术 for strawberries, 包括基因编辑.

Simplot and PSI have been collaborating since 2011 on multiple new breeding technologies and expect to launch the first commercially available, 基因编辑 strawberry in the coming years. The partnership provides both companies with the increased ability to bring improved strawberries to market with Simplot’s technology and PSI’s germplasm and leadership.

Image of a strawberry plant

The strawberry market is prime for innovation. 每年, approximately 35 percent of fresh strawberries are discarded by consumers because of waste from poor storage or short shelf life (Yuwei Qin and Arpad Horvath 2021 Environ. Res. 列托语. 16 014024). Using 新育种技术 like CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tools in strawberry development is anticipated to improve shelf life and significantly reduce such waste.

Under the Simplot-PSI strategic alliance, Simplot will use pioneering gene editing technologies to advance strawberry characteristics. PSI will provide its proprietary strawberry germplasm, 植物栽培技术, and lead the commercialization of successful varieties.  

“在Simplot, we’re excited to participate in a project that may help growers achieve higher yields on less land, resulting in fewer pesticides and reduced water and labor needs, all while extending the quality of a consumer's favorite foods," said Susan Collinge PhD, Vice President of Simplot 植物科学.  

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tools can be used to introduce modest changes to a plant’s own genome. In 2020, the USDA clarified certain regulatory exemptions with plants produced through innovative, 新育种技术, including genome editing techniques.

“We are highly motivated to build on our learnings with the esball线上娱乐网址 and fully expect to make a profound impact on the strawberry industry by offering better varieties with qualities that both growers and consumers will celebrate,史蒂夫尼尔森说。, PSI的总裁兼首席执行官. 

In 2018, Simplot executed a joint intellectual property licensing agreement with Corteva Agriscience™, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for foundational CRISPR-Cas9 and related gene editing tools.

Simplot previously brought to market two generations of its Innate®- branded potato varieties by adapting genes from wild and cultivated potatoes featuring reduced black spots, 减少了天冬酰胺, 较低的糖, and protection from late blight pathogens. 


esball线上娱乐网址 is a family-owned, privately held global food and agriculture company headquartered in Boise, 爱达荷州. Its integrated portfolio includes food processing and food brands, 磷酸矿业, fertilizer manufacturing, 农业, ranching and cattle production, and other enterprises related to agriculture. Simplot has major operations in the U.S., 加拿大, 墨西哥, 阿根廷, 澳大利亚, 和中国, with products and services available to customers worldwide. For more information, visit

About 植物科学, Inc.

Committed to Advancing Agriculture through Science™, PSI has emerged as a premier agricultural research company with emphasis on plant breeding and propagation of berry crops for the global marketplace. PSI and its affiliates hold more than 50 plant patents and plant breeder’s rights certificates for proprietary strawberry and raspberry varieties and supply plants to leading growers in over 50 countries. PSI is also aggressively preparing for its first commercial releases of proprietary blackberry and blueberry varieties. PSI believes the most competitive berry varieties provide effective defense against agronomic threats, while prioritizing buyer and consumer expectations for flavor, 外观, 和保质期. 欲知更多有关PSI的资料,请浏览