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Simplot Animal Sciences

Simplot's Animal Sciences team uses an innovative approach to provide advanced reproductive solutions for beef and dairy cattle producers to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability in a changing market.

Combining extensive experience in agribusiness with the latest in reproductive solutions, the Animal Sciences team developed the innovative SimVitro™-branded platform for improving genetics and reproductive efficiency in dairy and beef cattle.

SimVitro embryos have a wide variety of applications, offering a versatile and economic solution for beef and dairy cattle producers:

  • Change the economic value of the calf
  • Improve pregnancy rates in heat stressed and repeat breeder cattle
  • Change herd genetics in just one generation
  • Provide a breeding solution for crossbred cows
  • Reduce dystocia due to birth weight in heifers


SimVitro™ is a trademark of the J.R. Simplot Company.

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